Singing/Preaching Ministry


    With so many genres out there, everyone always wants to know;

    what style is their music?

    Well, Ben & Sandie don’t want to be associated with so much of

    today’s country or early bluegrass,jfm3 but maybe the best way to describe their music ministry is; real!  With the sweetness of family harmony, using acoustic instruments such as mandolins, guitars, banjo, violins and piano, their music will leave crowds feeling blessed and refreshed.  They use the music as a tool to lead people into worship & using the words of the songs or testimonies between, to lead people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to salvation.  The Johnson Family also enjoys leading in worship at Camps and Conferences!


    Probably the biggest difference between the Ben Johnson Family and other singing groups are the ages of their members!  They have 3 children (ages 14-20), who participate as full band members.  Micah, starting at only age 6 has developed into quite an impressive  musician, jfm4playing lead parts on mandolin & guitar.  Matthias at age 20 sings the lead and bass parts as well as playing the bass guitar. He has decided to stay with the family ministry until the Lord leads on to something else. Matthias has a passion for making movies that glorify God and has filmed & produced 3 full length movies the last of which called 'God Directed' won 3 awards at the Bakersfield, CA. Christian Youth Film Festival for Best Director, Best Sound and 3rd Place Best Of Festival.  Jubilee, being the youngest, still steals hearts with her singing & stage presence. Each one takes a further part by sharing a personal testimony or memorized scripture.


    The Word of God and music ministry just go together, the only difference is, music is a message with a melody.  At every opportunity Ben will be happy to bring a message from the Word.  His preaching is in humility before the Lord, yet with an uncompromised message, not one to push doctrinal issues or personal beliefs, but of Christ and Christ crucified.  The Johnson's aim in ministry is to lead as many as they can to Jesus, to repentance & a new life in the Spirit; as well as encourage believers to keep on in this world until Jesus comes!  Ben has spoken at many different events and outreaches including tent meetings, conferences and revivals.ben2

    The thrust of this ministry is to family units!  The Word preached is often to minister to families and raising Godly offspring.  Encouraging families to live Godly in this present world (Titus 2:12) and to begin or continue a daily routine of bible reading & prayer as a family.   


    To hear samples of their music please see the Products page, and choose a CD!