• We thank God for the rich heritage we can speak of, and the example of all who have paved a way before us.  From both sides of the family, Sandie and I have parents, grandparents and even great grandparents who have been telling people about Jesus, and evangelizing before we were even born.  Although we are not in ministry today to fulfill family tradition, but believe we are called of God to carry this message, still we are grateful for those who have gone before us, holding the highest respect for each one.


                                                                                                                                                                                         Ben & Sandie

  • Ben’s great grandfather, Wilber Harris, was saved in Texas at a tent meeting where his life changed direction and from there he pastored churches in Texas & California for the rest of his life with the Assemblies of God.


    Sandie’s great grandfather, Joseph Gavronsky, was saved shortly after arriving in Canada from Ukraine.  He was instrumental in evangelizing and building the Pentecostal church which still stands in Sandy Rapids, AB.


    Ben’s grandparents, Sandy & Lillian Johnson, pastored or filled in at several PAOC churches across the BC & Alberta district for more than 50 years.  Lillian is posing in the first picture on the slide show to the right with a wagon ministering at a VBS in England.


    Ben’s grandparents, Leon & Jean Harris, of the Singing Harris Family, traveled worldwide for more than 35 years as a very successful ministry team.


    Sandie’s parents, Steve & Roslie Gavronsky, both graduated from NBC (Northwest Bible College) in Edmonton and went on to pastor in Provost, AB.  Since then, they have stayed busy in the local church in various ministries.


    Ben’s parents, Wayne & Karen Johnson, traveled for years as the Gospel Rhythm Aires, ministering as children’s evangelists and singing together.  In the early 1990’s Wayne pastored in Glendon, AB. where they teamed with Ben, and formed Johnson Family Ministries.  They continued to travel together until 2011 when Ben & Sandie asked to be released to their own ministry with their family.  Wayne & Karen are currently pastoring the Pentecostal church in Vilna, AB. and doing a great job!

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