Children's Radio Broadcasts Vol 2

  • CD Vol 2



         KidsFire 4 Christ

        Children's Radio Broadcasts


         Get on board with conductor 'Old Man Henry'

         for 6 different 10 minute broadcasts each with a solid          

         biblical theme of fun songs and skits all done by

         a variety of exciting charactors! 


         1 hour of fun!


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  • Broadcast List:

    Volume 2


    1. Decision Express to Grand Central Station

       Lessons on Making Wise Decision

    2. Solid Rock Rail to Pisa

       Lessons on Building on a Firm Foundation

    3. Bitter Rail to Kentucky

       Lessons on Forgiveness 

    4. Sherwood Shuttle - Armour of God

       Lessons on Learning the Armor of God

    5. Stuck in the Flood

       Lessons on the Peace of God

    6. Broadway Bullet to Nowhere

       Lessons on Not Following the Crowd