Children's Radio Broadcasts Vol. 1

  • CBCD Vol 1


         KidsFire 4 Christ

        Children's Radio Broadcasts


         Join Matthias, Micah and Jubilee as they host each of  

         these 10 minute broadcasts with a solid biblical theme,

         fun songs and stories.  


         1 hour of fun for younger children (ages 2-7)



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  • Broadcast List:

    Vol. 1


    1. Still Working on Me

       Lessons on God's Love for Us

    2. Don't Be a Bully 

       Lessons on How to Treat Others

    3. Good Manors

       Lessons on Having Good Manors

    4. What's Your Name?

       Lessons on How God Has a Plan for Your Life

    5. Make a Joyful Noise

       Lessons on Praising God from the Heart

    6. Jesus is our Good Shepherd

       Lessons on How God Watches Over Us