Children's Radio Broadcasts

  • God has openned an exciting door of opportunity to carry this children's ministry overseas by way of radio! The Johnson family is working with "High Adventure/Bible Voice Broadcasting" by airing a 10 minute children's radio program currently in 4 different countries in Africa including Liberia, Rwanda, Uganda & Kenya as well as in Bethlehem, Israel.  At this present time there is an estimated 20 million listeners to these Christian Radio Stations in Africa and Israel, as well as many who have bought Broadcast CD's and Download them in Canada and USA.


    Each broadcast has a variety of each of the Johnson's voices at different times and in many different charactors, discussing a topic, quoting scriptures and singing songs all to do with the theme of that broadcast.  Several times in the session the memory verse for the day is repeated to drive it home and cause the listeners to hide God's Word deep in their hearts.  Many of the broadcasts end with prayer over the listeners and an opportunity to give their lives to Jesus. 


    Please see our Products Page for more Children's CD's & DVD's including The Bid Day Radio Show.  Nominated for "Best Children's CD of the Year" by GMA 2010.


    Want to air these Children's Broadcasts at your Station?


    *If you would like to use these broadcasts on your radio programs or in your radio station, please contact Ben Johnson  using the information on the Contact Us page. 




    New Free Listen Each Month...                                        Below are letters from listeners in Africa...


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  •    "We believe this is a worthwhile ministry to invest our time and money into as we can reach many children with the gospel both in America and overseas.  It is exciting to have the opportunity to tell millions of kids about the saving gospel of Jesus Christ and have the freedom in each broadcast to quote scriptures and pray."


       Ben Johnson