Children's Radio Broadcast Vol 4

  • CRB4  Children's Radio Broadcast Volume 4



     Volume 4 is packed with very important topics we believe children need to know and learn about such as Knowing God Personally, Repentance,  Making Eternal Decisions and other great lessons all done in a fun way for children of all ages to listen to. Two of these broadcasts have a special guest of Karen Johnson who traveled in Children's Ministry for 30 years!   





        1 hour of listening fun!




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     Broadcast List Vol. 4



    1. Created To Serve

       Lessons on Choosing to Serve God

    2. Secret to Worry

       Lessons on Trusting God & Learning not to Worry

    3. Life Choice Game Show

       Lessons on making Eternal Decisions

    4. Repentance Recipe

       Lessons on the Importance of Repentance

    5. Knowing God

       Lessons on Knowing Jesus Personally

    6. Compassion

       Lessons on Showing Compassion to Others