Children's Radio Broadcast Vol 3

  •    Children's Radio BroadcastCRBVol3

       by KidsFire 4 Christ

            Volume 3


       Learn all about shining for Jesus in this "City On A Hill" series.  Each broadcast is packed with a fun way of teaching kids important lessons on how to get powered up to be a city on a hill and then how to protect against the enemy who would try to invade our cities with temptations of the world!   


       1 hour of fun!


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  • Broadcast List

    Vol. 3


    1. City On A Hill

              Lessons on Shining for Jesus.

    2. Armoured City

              Lessons on the importance of God's Word.

    3. Off Balance City

              Lessons on putting Jesus first in our lives.

    4. Sliding City

              Lessons on not tolerating sin.

    5. The Good City

              Lessons on how good, isn't good enough.

    6. Underground City

              Lessons on the fear of God.