Children's Ministry

  • The Ben Johnson Family brings a unique style of fast paced children's ministry to the platform with an impressive set up; using puppets, characters, gospel illusions, intense story telling, music, skits along with many other props and tricks all to tell the uncompromised message of the bible.

    Each children's service has a flowing theme of topics such as sin, salvation, forgiveness, repentance, witnessing and so much more with an exciting & creative presentation!  This family team has a passion for grounding children in the faith, as statistics reveal that a person’s moral foundations are determined by age 9, and their religious belief system are determined by age 10 or 11.

    Time has proven that if a person was taught the gospel as a child, or if they made a commitment to God as a child, that they were much more likely to stay committed and not fall back even as a teen or adult. 

    How great the need for Children's Ministry!


    Ben & Sandie are no strangers to children's ministry as they both grew up watching Ben's parents in children's camps and services across Canada & the US.  (Please see the History Page.)  When Ben & Sandie were married in 1997, they continued to minister to children with Wayne & Karen until 2005 when they decided to retire from children's ministry.  Many children's camps & services book 1 to 2 years in advance, please see the contact page for booking info and the Calendar page for an up to date schedule.


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  • Letter of Recommendation


    Ben and Sandie Johnson are children’s ministry professionals. We have had them as speakers at our camp twice now, and both times have been a fantastic blessing. They and their family bring a Sesame Street style to reaching kids: a little bit of puppets, plus an object lesson with pizzazz, a few short skits, lots of fun songs, interactive learning, media arts, and you have a Bible lesson no-one forgets! They bring Bible stories to life, and demonstrate how Jesus is alive and active even now. Both Ben and Sandie have a passion to see God’s Kingdom reflected in children and youth, and it is evident that God is using them for this purpose. They won’t disappoint! We already have them booked for next year.


    Gianne Stover;

    Director of Children’s Ministries at Bonnyville Baptist Church