Big Day Radio Show CD

  • BDRS

    Nominated for Best Children's CD of the Year 2010


    Awarded 5 out of 5, and Family Approved, by the Dove Foundation 2010.



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  • 1. Come Tune In
    2. I am a Promise
    3. John the Baptist
    4. Wild Wyatt Willoby Theme Song
    5. Wild Wyatt Willoby Adventure Story part 1
    6. Little Things
    7. Princess Manors
    8. Thank You Oh My Father
    9. All the Way to Heaven
    10. Joyful Noise
    11. Holy Ghost Redeemer Medley
    12. Wild Wyatt WillobyTheme Song
    13. Wild Wyatt Willoby Adventure Story part 2
    14. Devil's Train
    15. Wild Wyatt Willoby Adventure Story part 3
    16. Everybody Will Be Happy
    17. Come Tune In Finale
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  • promise_to_be.mp3